When you want to eat meat dishes, go to a specialty store open on Sundays in Fujisawa

Can be used for entertainment and banquets with private rooms

Fujisawa's meat restaurant specializes in regional dishes and offers a variety of dishes. We carefully prepare each beef, pork, chicken from buying one to one, and we will deliver fresh and safe ingredients such as horses, deer, boar as Jibier dishes and creative dishes. With no odor, you can enjoy a rich and deep flavor in any dish.
We have a large number of menus, so if you want to try any of them, we have a full course with 7 items. We are particular about the appearance and have a simple, modern and comfortable atmosphere. We also have private rooms that can meet various needs such as entertainment and banquets. It is also cost-effective, so please come and visit us.

Our special meat dishes

We offer many fine meat dishes in Fujisawa

Even beginners can enjoy a menu of various materials

Sake for meat

There is also a special sake that matches the supreme menu

There is also all-you-can-drink so please use it

Specialty course

We offer courses that will satisfy our customers

Please enjoy it once

We look forward to coming to the store for meat lovers


Please come to a reputable shop that is easy to stop by at Chika Station


company name

Fujisawa meat restaurant specialty store Mizuru-Mizuru-

Street address

Kanagawa Prefecture Fujisawa City Kakinuma Ishigami 1-4-2 Fujisawa D Building 3F

phone number
business hours

17:00 〜 23:00
* Varies depending on the season

Regular holiday

The store will be temporarily closed once a month for maintenance.


If you are looking for a restaurant specializing in meat dishes around Fujisawa Station, be sure to nominate a restaurant that serves authentic Gibier cuisine and wine and sake. The chef's rich variety of menus has gained a reputation, and the shop is crowded with community-based night sales as a shop that can be enjoyed regardless of gender.
There are seasonal dishes such as roasted and stewed beef, pork, chicken, etc., so please come to the store.

About us

A restaurant where you can enjoy various meat dishes such as duck in Fujisawa

A unique meat restaurant within walking distance from Fujisawa Station.

The restaurant has a good reputation for its original menu that makes use of the taste of the ingredients. The restaurant uses Gibier cuisine made directly from the production area, such as deer, sea bream, and duck, which are carefully selected from fresh ingredients, and high-quality beef, pork, chicken, horses, etc. We offer an abundant dish with a deep taste. The prime prime rib of the thickly cut roast beef steak made by domestically burning ribulose at a low temperature for about 3 hours is a popular menu. Course cuisine is the best way to enjoy the deliciousness of the shop owner's attention to the details of the cuisine.
Even the first one is safe because there is no odor etc. including Jibier carefully treated to maintain freshness and taste, with a reliable and proven original cooking method that draws deliciousness with discerning ingredients and freshness Served with heart. A selection of special gems to make your special dinner and all-you-can-drink are also available, so you can enjoy sake, wine, highball, shochu, etc. from each region according to the cuisine. It has a reputation for its simple and stylish atmosphere, and it can be used for banquets and entertainment with its private rooms. Come to the store without worrying about family use.

If you are looking for a restaurant specializing in meat at Fujisawa Station, please nominate it.

We have a community-based business as a special restaurant on Suganuma Ishigami. It is open on Sundays from 17:00 to 23:00 in the evening, so you can feel free to come to the store with your family or with your children. The station is easily accessible from the station, and is open on the 3rd floor of the building, so you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and take advantage of the calm comfort and delicious food for various needs. You can deepen your time in a couple's seat, and you can relax slowly with a simple space design that directs your requests such as banquets and entertainment using private rooms.
The special ingredients are carefully selected high quality parts such as cows, pigs, chickens and horses, and you can enjoy dinner with an extensive menu. The prime rib of roast beef steak that draws umami from fresh ingredients and finishes with carefully selected ingredients directly delivered from raw ingredients such as deer, salmon and duck, and domestic rib ribs carefully cooked for about 3 hours at low temperature . There is also a course menu and all-you-can-drink, so you can enjoy the finest taste by combining wine, highball, shochu, sake, etc. that match your dishes. Please come to a restaurant that is famous for its station Chica.